Fields which are marked with „*“ must be filled in. If there is no data required in these fields, please specify by entering "NA".

Information provided in the fill-in fields shall be only in Latin letters;

Data to the EPM shall be provided within 60 minutes time.

“Visa requested by the family members of EU, EEA or CH citizens or of UK nationals who are Withdrawal Agreement beneficiaries (for the beneficiaries host State)*" , shall be selected “Yes” in case you are exercising your right to freedom of movement and have relationship (the spouse, the partner with whom a registered partnership is contracted, the direct descendants who are under the age of 21 or are dependents and the dependent direct relatives in the ascending line) with EU, EEA, CH citizen or if you are a family member eligible under the Withdrawal Agreement and intend to join a UK citizen who is a beneficiary of the Withdrawal Agreement (Article 10) in the host State. If you belong to this category, you are not obliged to provide information concerning your occupation, reference or the financing of stay.

„No“ – in all other cases.

If you do not plan to complete your Application within 60 minutes, click the “Save draft” button after every data input and write down Unique Identification Code (marked in red colour) of your Application. This Code allows you to find your incomplete Application by using “Application Search“ option.

If you completed the Application Form and wish to check whether all fields are completed click “Save for Submission” button. If no errors appear you now can submit your Application to the chosen Consulate of the Republic of Lithuania.

After you submit your Application you can download it as PDF file to your computer / send to your e-mail address.

Please note that you shall print the Application you have submitted, affix your photo where indicated, sign the Application and submit it to the same Consulate of the Republic of Lithuania you chose on EPM or Visa Center of the Republic of Lithuania.

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  • Download and print PDF file, and sign the application
General visa application data
Applicant's personal data
Applicant's home address and e-mail address
Current occupation
Travel Document data
Residence in a country other than the country of current nationality
Do you currently live (reside) in a country other than the country of current nationality?
Entry permit for the final country of destination, where applicable
Travel data
Travel funds data

Inviter data

Protection code

Relevant information about visas on the website of the Ministry of Foreign affairs of the Republic of Lithuania http://keliauk.urm.lt/en/entry-to-lithuania/visas

Previous visa validity period

Complete the application by filling all required values

You may fill all required values of the application in several attempts, just make sure you Save the data you provided by using the Save button below and record the Reference number (in red) of the application that is provided when the application if saved for the first time.

If you have completed filling the application and want to verify if all data is present, use Save for subission button to check the application for errors or empty required fields. Once Save for subission does not return any errors, you will be able to submit your application in the application preview window.